Welcome to the Seaside Montessori website.  Seaside Montessori officially commenced operations on September 7, 2011.  We provide an additional early childhood education option to families of Hull and the South Shore of Massachusetts serving children in the age range of 2 ¾  to 6 years.

At Seaside we offer a preschool & kindergarten educational program which follows the Montessori philosophy.  We look to foster a love of learning in each individual child as the cornerstone to our approach.

Please spend some time reviewing our website to learn more about what we offer and who we are.  If you have further questions feel free to contact us.
Seaside Montessori classroom following recent renovations

Seaside's Mission:

The mission of Seaside Montessori is to recognize and foster the individual learning needs of each child.  We aim to offer an education of exploration into multiple cultures to promote a diverse curriculum based on acceptance of others. As the Montessori classroom is intended to be an extension of the home our goal is to create a home-like environment where all children and staff feel safe, nurtured, and enabled.